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God's Flower

God's Flowers


Men and flowers both develop,
In accordance with God's scheme,
From tiny buds of promise,
Into mighty blooms supreme.

Side by side, within life's garden,
Men and flowers grow with grace,
They share their essence and spirit,
To make the world a better place,


How magnificent each flower,
Its beauty so complete,
And how magnificent each man,
So special, so unique.

We do not cry when flowers die,
For we expect them not to last,
Yet we weep when good men sleep,
Though we know they, too, must pass.


Angels gather up the faded flowers
Which are brought to heaven and restored,
Where they will bloom forever,
In the presence of the Lord.

So why do we mourn for men,
Who, like flowers, will go home,
To be reborn and bloom again,
Beside the Father's throne?


There is no need to grieve,
Nor spend time in shedding tears,
In heaven, all begins anew,
Now more beautiful, more dear.

Man and flowers now will blossom,
Upon a hallowed plane,
Earth is done; heaven's begun,
Now time to bloom again.

written by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis


In Honor And Remembrance